ZM's Jase and PJ reveal their replacement hosts

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Monday, 9 October 2017, 3:09PM

Three months after they announced they were leaving New Zealand, ZM's Jase and PJ have revealed who will replace them on-air.

And the answer is: Themselves.

The pair, who are moving to Melbourne next year to take over the KISS FM breakfast show, will continue to host ZM's drive show, broadcasting out of Australia.

"Who better to replace us than us," laughed Jase Hawkins.

The pair revealed the news on-air this afternoon, to the delight of their listeners, many of whom were distraught when the pair announced their plans to leave at the end of the year.

Jase and PJ became the country's most popular drive radio show with Kiwi millenials (18-34) earlier this year.

Hawkins moved to New Zealand in 2015 from his native Australia, where he made his name in radio working on the top-rating Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Harding formerly hosted ZM's night show, before taking on drive time with her Aussie co-host.

The pair have made headlines numerous times in the past two years for their often-extreme pranks, including this year's 53-hour on-air marathon.

Last year, they spent 25 hours chained to one another in an awkward hug stunt and Harding regularly makes headlines for her awkward attempts to find a life partner.