ZM reveals what MAFS star really thinks of Dean

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Thursday, 22 March 2018, 11:34AM

ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan have taken another Married at First Sight Australia contestant to task asking all the questions you’ve always wanted to.

Patrick came into the studio for a quick chat and Megan asked 

“What do you actually think of Dean?” Megan asked, referring to the infamous cheating groom.


He replied: “I tried really hard to get along with everyone…Dean was someone I just couldn’t crack from the start.”

He also said: "Dean is the type of guy who’s…how do you say…a narcissist?”

“A dick?” Megan interjected. And Patrick just laughed, “Well you said it.”

Patrick also talked about how his wife Charlene told him to “be a fricking man” when he admitted to her that he was scared to talk to her about his feelings.

“When it happened I didn’t think much of it. Charlene is very similar to my mum, very direct, can be a little bit harsh, doesn’t sugar coat things at all so I thought, ‘alright cool, it’s similar to what Mum does, I’m gonna take it [as] a little bit of constructive criticism’ and moved on,” he said.

“But when it aired I was getting a lot of feedback from people saying, ‘Hey is this right?’ And yeah it flipped my mindset a little bit. She copped a lot of grief for that but you know what? She’s been all support, she’s been my biggest advocate throughout the whole thing so I can’t bag her out for saying those things. And she apologised as well.”

Watch the full interview above!