ZM host's embarrassing Thor fanboy moment

Spy News,
Publish Date
Thursday, 26 October 2017, 11:17AM

In one of many hilarious interviews the Thor: Ragnarok cast have done recently, this wee chat with radio host Vaughan Smith really takes the cake.

Smith caught up with Kiwi director Taika Waititi, and Hollywood stars Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo to talk about the new Marvel film, amoungst other things.

Highlights include:

-          Vaughan gushing / fangirling over meeting the three stars.

-          Chris Hemsworth admits he watched a pirated version of Waititi’s ‘Boy’ (which Taika says he pirated himself).

-          Taika jokes that they only ate carrot sticks and Lisa’s Hummus on set.

-          Vaughan asking how many ‘nipple minutes’ are allowed in a Marvel film.

-          The Jeff Goldblum impersonations

-          When they didn’t want want the conversation to end!

Watch the full interview above.