ZM host's dodgy daycare mishap

Spy News,
Publish Date
Friday, 6 October 2017, 2:43PM

ZM's Jase had a very, very unfortunate mishap at his kids' daycare. 

He told a story on air about how had a case of the mumps so when he turned up too early for the afternoon daycare pickup, it seemed like a perfect time for a nap. 

Seems fine, right? But here's where it gets weird: 

"When guys get sick or they're hungover, for some strange reason, we put our hand down our pants," he said. "So I fell asleep in the car 3 meters from the entrance of daycare with my hand there." 

To make it worse one of the other parents knocked on his window and saw him like that. 

And to make it EVEN WORSE, when Jase went inside to pick up his kids, the guy who had knocked on the window recognised him as "Jase from the radio". 

But wait, it gets worse still, because then Jase shook the guy's hand, with the hand that had been where it definitely shouldn't have been. 

Guys: If, like Jase, you're prone to falling asleep in this position, definitely don't go napping near any child care centers!