Xmas gift that caused Breakfast host to storm off

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Monday, 10 December 2018, 11:35AM
Dan Faitaua storms off set. Photo / TVNZ
Dan Faitaua storms off set. Photo / TVNZ

Daniel Faitaua was prompted to storm off the set of TVNZ's Breakfast after receiving a series of upsetting Christmas gifts. 

The morning show challenged its reporters around the country to source gifts for the show's main hosts - Jack Tame, Hayley Holt, Matty McLean and Daniel Faitaua - for the lowest price and in the shortest amount of time from The Warehouse. 

Reporters from Auckland and Wellington sourced nice, thoughtful gifts like a pool inflatable for Hayley and tabletop football for Jack.

They even took on some of the more headline-worthy moments from the year, like buying a sippee-cup for Jack to avoid an incident like the time he spilt his coffee down his front and an Ed Sheeran CD for Hayley.

But poor old Dan got the same thing from all three reporters - a pair of socks.

When the cameras cut back to the desk, Dan's chair was empty and he could be heard saying: "That's it I'm outta here. Three pairs of socks? Really? Three pairs of socks!"

Jack yelled after him: "You've gotta be grateful its the thought that counts!" 

But Dan was not having it. Check out the clip below: