Why Matty nearly cried on Breakfast

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Thursday, 17 May 2018, 1:37PM
Matty McLean. Photo / Facebook
Matty McLean. Photo / Facebook

Here’s a tip – don’t threaten Matty McLean’s car with a hammer or he might cry.

That’s what happened when the Breakfast team started a conversation about the pros and cons of leaving a note on someone’s car if you accidentally ding it in a carpark.

Host Jack Tame found out that a few of his co-workers wouldn’t leave a note if they got the opportunity.

“Matty (McLean) says he wouldn’t leave a note, Hayley (Holt) wouldn’t leave a note, Daniel (Faitaua) is the morally conscious one,” says Tame.

In a clip posted to Facebook, fellow TVNZ reporter  Andrew McFarlane played a cruel trick by milling around Matty McLean’s car wielding a hammer.

He then threatened to vandalise Matty’s beloved white BMW.

“There is a difference between an accidental bump in a carpark and a deliberate bang with a hammer Andrew McFarlane - don’t you dare!” said Matty.

“I was quite upset to see that… I feel like I am tearing up here.”

Watch it all unfold below: