Why Matt Heath hates kissing: 'Just stop it!'

Spy News,
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Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 11:33AM

Radio Hauraki's Matt Heath has gone on the most hilarious rant against the strangest thing: He wants you all to stop kissing. 

Speaking to his Hauraki Breakfast co-host Jeremy Wells, Matt went on a massive crusade, even going so far as to call kissing "disgusting" and "immoral". 

"Why are you putting your food holes against each other’s food holes? Your breathing holes against each other’s breathing holes? There’s a lot of things people are doing with their mouths they don’t need to be doing…that needs to be cut out.

He went on to point out that no other mammals are wasting time pashing, adding: “It’s pointless, it needs to be stopped. Generally your mouth is for eating and talking, not for kissing. Shut that down, you don’t need to be doing that - it’s disgusting, it’s immoral, just stop it.”

Somehow, both of them managed to keep a straight face throughout the whole tirade. Watch the hilarious clip above.