Why MAFS groom refused to look partner in the eye

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Monday, 9 October 2017, 12:02PM
Ben and Aaron's wedding day wasn't quite magical. Like...not at all.
Ben and Aaron's wedding day wasn't quite magical. Like...not at all.

Ben from Married at First Sight NZ has taken to the airwaves to clear the air on why he was so standoffish in last night's episode. 

He copped a fair bit of backlash after his less-than-warm reaction to his groom Aaron on their wedding day. 

Ben, who said he wanted someone "who is firstly attractive", told the cameras: "As soon as I saw [Aaron], I thought 'they got this wrong. This is not my type of person'". 

He then spent the whole ceremony grimacing and looking down, but now he's explained in an interview with The Edge radio station that it was just the sun in his eyes.

"In actual fact, this is an outdoor wedding and I’m actually facing directly into the sun. Like right next to Aaron's face is the sun. So I’m not going to be looking directly into the sun for 20 mins…and when I’m looking at him I’m squinting cos the sun is right in my face," Ben said. 

So does he think he was unfairly portrayed? Surprisingly, Ben gave a mixed response saying he "owns what he said" but he does feel like the editing made it look "a little bit" worse than it was. 

"But at the end of the day it was a super overwhelming day and I think all my emotions just caught up with me," he said.

And if you're wondering why Ben didn't want to kiss Aaron, his answer is the obvious one: Would you want to kiss someone you literally just met a couple of hours earlier?

Who knows? Ben and Aaron's marriage may not be a write-off yet.