Why is Matty McLean so confused?

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Thursday, 30 August 2018, 10:08AM
Matty McLean is a wee bit confused.
Matty McLean is a wee bit confused.

Breakfast presenter Matty McLean would have been in for a surprise when he turned up to see the Warriors on Sunday to find an empty stadium.

Jack Tame and the Breakfast crew got a bit of a giggle this morning when they asked Matty about his plans to see the team in action.

“Morena Matty, you’re going to the game this weekend?” asks Jack Tame.

“I’m going to the game on Sunday, it’s going to be fun,” replies Matty.

“Friday,” corrects Jack.

“Sunday,” says Matty

“Friday,” says Jack with a big grin across his face.

“I was told it was Sunday... I will have to double check that, haha,” says Matty.

“I guess I am going on Friday!”

Good thing Jack was on hand to help his pal out or it would have been a short night out at the league for Matty!

Watch the hilarious clip of Matty trying  to make sense of it all below: