Who is Shortland Street's new mystery man?

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 5 November 2016, 11:48AM
Lucy Lovegrove, Luke Patrick and Grace Palmer.
Lucy Lovegrove, Luke Patrick and Grace Palmer.

There’s a mysterious stranger among the Ferndale crew and Spy reckons he’s set to become a new star on our small screen.

Last week at L’Exhibition, a Karen Walker fashion show at the Lexus showroom on Great North Rd, a bevy of Shortland Street stars were in attendance alongside MC Oliver Driver.

Among the regular cast of Michael Galvin, Lukas Whiting, Tane Williams, Lucy Lovegrove and Grace Palmer was a handsome new face, Luke Patrick.

Whispers in the crowd had him as a new star on the Street, although no-one would go on the record with details. Neither would South Pacific Pictures, who went uncharacteristically shy on Spy.

“At this stage, we are unable to confirm any new cast members to the show,” a rep said.

Patrick posed up in matching leather jackets with fellow Aussie actress Lovegrove and Palmer who posted Spy’s photo to Instagram: “We’re unofficially accepting applications for the world’s most timid Biker Gang. Leather is mandatory,” she said.

“Note to self – learn how to do a better pose. You girls put me to shame haha. You two Bombshells!” Patrick replied.

Patrick is a former model, who is keen to pursue acting. “I am a very loving, compassionate and hard worker who loves to strive for the best in life and in my acting,” he said in an online post.

“What I drive for in my acting is living truthfully in the given moment from my deepest truth, and making my character come alive. Leaving the audience touched and wanting more.”

Spy understands he now lives in Auckland and that all will be revealed soon. Christmas cliffhanger anyone?