When life throws a curve-ball at Kiwi stars

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Thursday, 12 April 2018, 11:23PM
Tami Neilson, Mike Hosking and Hayley Holt. Photos / Instagram
Tami Neilson, Mike Hosking and Hayley Holt. Photos / Instagram

As broadcaster Mike Hosking discovered this week, celebrities are not immune to life throwing a curveball or two.

The Newstalk ZB host has had to eat some major humble pie following the news he crashed his Alfa Romeo 4C at the Hampton Downs racetrack (and isn't covered by insurance).

Soon after writing a column about New Zealand's roads, in which he predicted he would never crash on the race track, Hosking did exactly that and is currently sweating it out over the repair bill

But he's not the only celeb having a bad (or embarrassing) time of it lately.

Whether it's a very expensive accident or being caught short in a towel, the following stars have suffered embarrassing or inconvenient moments just like the rest of us. (If the rest of us had cars worth six figures, anyway.)

When nature calls

Hosking wasn't the only radio broadcaster confessing to an embarrassing incident this week.

The Hits presenter Brodie Kane found herself in a humiliating situation on Monday when she had "an emergency defecation situation" while out running

Currently training for the Christchurch half marathon and the Auckland marathon later in the year, Kane told radio listeners she got caught short while running near Waikuku in North Canterbury.

Finding herself several kilometres from the nearest toilet, Kane did the only thing she could: she "found a really leafy tree" and took care of business just off the track.

If Paula Radcliffe, a marathon world record holder, can stop to pee on the street during an internationally-televised race, we say Brodie Kane can sort out a little "runner's diarrhoea" in the woods without shame.

Although anyone walking on tracks near Waikuku Beach will probably want to watch where they are stepping right about now.


A post shared by Brodie Kane (@brodiejeankane) on Apr 2, 2018 at 11:00am PDT


Hayley Holt bites the dust

Hayley Holt probably also regrets going out for a run this week.

The Breakfast presenter is currently on the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games and joined the inaugural 'TVNZ 100 Metre Dash' at Carrara Stadium on Wednesday.

As she tried to hold TVNZ's man on the ground Sam Wallace back during the sprint, she took a tumble and landed heavily on her shoulder. 

"I think I've done something to my shoulder," Holt told her Breakfast colleagues on air the next day.

With her arm in a sling, she added: "Man, it hurt. I felt so sick."




Wait, that's MY show

Comedian Guy Williams might be a well-known face in New Zealand, but there's still a way to go before he has the same recognition across the ditch.

Williams has just finished his first run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and while he says he's pleased with how the 10 shows went, he had one awkward encounter midway through the run.

"I just got flyered on the street with a flyer for my own show!" he tweeted last week.

Williams' partner, Green MP Golriz Ghahraman, was there to witness the flyer distributor failing to recognise him and tweeted: "It was a touchingly awkward moment, so I kept on walking on."

We presume Williams decided to head along to the show and see what it was all about anyway.



Fancy seeing you here!

Not so long ago, before the country was being lashed with storms, we were experiencing what felt like 1,000 percent humidity – and it proved a sticky situation for Tami Neilson.

The singer was the opening act for Robbie Williams' New Zealand shows in February and she found her stunning sequinned dress wasn't conducive to performing on stage in the stifling heat.

So, according to an Instagram post following her set at Spark Arena, she walked off stage and peeled off the dress tout suite.

And it was while Neilson stood in her dressing room in just a towel that the one and only Robbie Williams decided to knock on the door and introduce himself.




When the lights go out

Finally, when the city of Auckland suffers widespread power cuts following a massive storm, chances are one or two celebs are going to be lamenting the lack of electricity in their lives.

One such star this week was Westside actress, Antonia Prebble.

Much like everyone else whose power was cut during the monster storm that hit Auckland on Tuesday night, Prebble was faced with the problem of how to stay warm in the accompanying freezing weather.

The answer? Giving up and going to bed with a puffer jacket on.

We hope the lights – and the heaters – are back on now!