What's in John Key's shopping trolley?

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Monday, 17 September 2018, 8:18AM
John and Max key hit the shopping aisles. Photo / Instagram
John and Max key hit the shopping aisles. Photo / Instagram

The former Prime Minister John Key has gone back to a simple life of golfing and grocery shopping after his political career.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, his son Max had a bit of fun with his dad at an Auckland Countdown and gave his followers an eyeful of what the Keys fill their fridge with.

Among the goodies in the trolley, we spotted John purchasing caged ‘barn’ eggs along with celery, four different yoghurts (including chocolate flavour), baby carrots, free-range chicken, Duck Deep-Action gel and frozen steamed vegetable mixes.

Max also admits, “the choccy milk is John’s.”

And captioned some of the videos ‘#johnkeydoingstuff’ which prompted former Bachelor NZ star Art Green to reply saying “the world needs more #johnkeydoingstuff.”

Which was then put to a poll where 92% of people agreed!

Max also shared a nice message from a fan whose daughter enjoyed John’s supermarket shopping antics.

“Is that the city Countdown? My daughter used to work there and said all the older ladies loved it when John went through their checkout.”

We love choccy milk too, John!