What the stars should be getting this Christmas

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Monday, 18 December 2017, 11:17PM
Photos / Instagram
Photos / Instagram

With Christmas less than a week away, presents are beginning to pile up under trees all over the country.

But what gifts await our stars?

Once again, we take a guess as to what New Zealand's celebs might be hoping to unwrap come Christmas morning.

The cast of Married at First Sight NZ

Oh, we know what (almost) everyone from the disastrous inaugural season of Married at First Sight NZ wants to find under the Christmas tree this year: a quickie divorce.

(Because if anybody has the powers to change New Zealand’s divorce laws, surely it’s Santa.)

Angel and Brett Renall

The only lovebirds still standing after Married at First Sight don't need a quickie divorce obviously – but they do need some furniture.

Angel finally made the move to her husband's hometown of Lincoln over the weekend, with her excitement only slightly dampened by the fact she doesn’t yet have anywhere to unpack all her clothes.

Perhaps Santa can rustle up a new set of drawers for the happy couple?

(And he may as well make them from macrocarpa so as to match all of Brett's signs hanging around the place.)


Home sweet home. ♥️💑. Always take a risk. @brettrenall

A post shared by Angel Star (@angelstarheron) on Dec 16, 2017 at 10:03pm PST


Mike Hosking

With his days on Seven Sharp already a distant memory, Mike Hosking will no doubt be hoping for a couple of presents to help pass all that spare time he's going to have in 2018. 

Perhaps Santa could spring for a bottle of expensive red wine to while away those broadcast-free evenings.

Or he could really float Hosking's boat and gift him the latest model of Dyson vacuum cleaner – perfect for getting rid of all those ghastly pine tree needles on Christmas Day.


We know Lorde loves a proper cheesy Christmas jumper, but we know what she’s really hoping for on Christmas morning: a big ol' pile of the nation's finest onion rings



Shari Flavall

Please, oh please, Santa, won't you bestow upon former Bachelorette Shari a new reality TV role?

She's been ever so good and it will give her friends and family a break from having to apply for each and every local reality show with her in 2018. 

Actually, if you could gift her a spot on the coming reboot of Dancing With The Stars, then that would be a nice little present for the rest of us, too. 

Amanda Billing

Actress Amanda Billing will be immersing herself in all things Shakespeare this holiday season while she prepares to play Lady Macbeth at Auckland's pop-up Globe theatre.

So perhaps Santa could gift her a nice soap this Christmas – perfect for all those "Out, damn'd spot!" moments in life.




Julian and Ardie Savea

These rugby-playing brothers already received a couple of adorable gifts this month in the form of their new baby daughters – little Jude for Julian and wee Kobe for Ardie. 

So we're fairly confident that with newborns on the scene, the Savea brothers and their significant others (Fatima Savea and Saskia Hartmann) will be asking Saint Nick for a few extra hours of sleep come Christmas Day.

Hilary Barry

TVNZ's Hilary Barry already has the ridiculous Christmas jumper sorted this year, so perhaps Santa would be so kind as to deliver her the perfect Seven Sharp co-star for 2018?  (If the rumours she has signed on to be one of the new faces of the primetime show are true, of course). 


Merry Christmas from my favourite work twin and me. #christmassweater #hohoho

A post shared by Hilary Barry (@hilary.barry) on Dec 14, 2017 at 11:04am PST


Max Key

We know it's a bit of a stretch, Santa, but Max Key really, really wants a Billboard Top 100 song for Christmas. 

The former Prime Minister's son is still pursuing his DJ dreams and is cranking his music career up a notch with an appearance at this year’s Rhythm & Vines festival

In announcing the gig last month, Key told his Facebook fans he was "beyond ecstatic".

"To celebrate, I'll be dropping a few new releases before the show on the 29th in the next few weeks.

“This is just the beginning."

Consider yourselves warned...