What Lorde orders at McDonalds

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Thursday, 12 October 2017, 1:55PM
Lorde. Photo / Getty
Lorde. Photo / Getty

The Green Light star has taken to her Instagram story to document her post-show McDonalds feed in Munich.

Lorde talks to her phone camera whilst hanging out at the fast food restaurant with her crew and friends.

She says: “We are in a McDonalds in Munich, ordering some food…we just played like an hour ago.”

“We have not done this yet on this tour, we have been very good… but it’s happening tonight!” she says excitedly.

Lorde continues to compliment the McDonalds restaurant on its décor and cleanliness.

“This is quite an amazing McDonalds. I haven’t been into a McDonalds for a while. Look at this! Doesn’t it look gorgeous.”

She then chats about her Melodrama merchandise herself and her crew are wearing and then shows us her choice of burger.

“Okay, so we have some sort of burger... oh my god look at this! (as she lifts the cheesy burger lid) Holy moly!”

We reckon it looks like a classic Maccas cheese burger – with a thick German style pattie, gherkins, tomato sauce, cheese, raw onions and a sesame seed bun.