Westside stars get into bed with Kiwi celebs

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 7 July 2018, 4:59PM
Jordan Mooney, Stan Walker and Reef Ireland.
Jordan Mooney, Stan Walker and Reef Ireland.

Westside has always been known for its risqué storylines featuring a large dose of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

And now some of the cast of the show have really pushed the boundaries and delved into some intimate “spooning” with some of NZ’s top stars.

Westside stars Reef Ireland (Wolfgang West) and Jordan Mooney (Eric) have created a brand new online series called The Spoon, a chat show where the interviewees have to spoon and/or be spooned (think very close cuddles) while the boys talk to them about their lives and careers.

Ireland and Mooney have managed to round up quite an impressive line-up of interview candidates for their first series of The Spoon, including Green MP Chloe Swarbrick, singer Stan Walker, NZ acting royalty Rima Te Wiata, Shorty star Jayden Daniels and even Ireland’s onscreen mum, actress Antonia Prebble.

“Standard interview formats are boring,” Mooney said. “We get a more relaxed and genuine insight into people’s personalities when spooning. We’re breaking down boundaries one spoon at a time. Plus, we just like cuddles. Believe it not, everyone we approached about the idea responded really well.”

Mooney and Ireland first met on the set of filming for the second series of Westside in 2015. Their bromance soon flourished.

Jordan Mooney and MP Chloe Swarbrick.

As the boys plan to launch this series of The Spoon, they’ve already set their sights on candidates for another round of spooning interviews.

“We’d love to spoon more of New Zealand’s familiar faces: Sir John Key, Richie McCaw, just some casual household names,” said Mooney.

Meanwhile, the pair are also looking forward to audience reaction for the new series of Westside which premieres on Three tomorrow night, revealing there will be a decent amount of nudity among all the other action that occurs on the show.

“Westside is going to be a banger this season!” Ireland said. “Wolf gets his kit off, as do half the other male characters in the show. Eric falls in love (again), there’s one hell of a wedding, can’t remember whose. Tears and beers will be spilt and there’s a few twists you won’t see coming.”

You can watch the spooning at Facebook @thespoon.nz