Westside stars get frisky in new season premiere

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 24 June 2017, 4:39PM
Antonia Prebble, Laura Hill and David de Lautour.
Antonia Prebble, Laura Hill and David de Lautour.

The new season of hit Kiwi drama Westside, set to hit screens on Monday July 10, raises the game on the risque front with a sexy threesome and explosive waterbed action.

Last year the Outrageous Fortune prequel saw fabulous 80s power couple Ted and Rita West (David de Lautour and Antonia Prebble) heading off to a Parnell swingers’ party with a bevy of scantily clad ladies and gents. This time round Ted and Rita decide to dabble in some group fun with Rita’s prison buddy, Belinda Lace (played by Laura Hill), only to be caught in the moment by their son, Wolfgang West (Reef Ireland).

The scenes were anything but sexy when being filmed however, with most of the actors in hysterics as soon as “action” was called.

“It’s always a little awkward when filming this type of thing,” confesses Hill. “We all got the giggles and even though a light nearly fell on us at one point, it was all in a day’s work! Luckily, Toni and Dave are great to work with and absolute professionals, so we managed to get through it all.”

Meanwhile, in other action-packed scenes, Mike McCarthy (Will Hall) and Ngaire Munroe (Esther Stephens) manage to explode a waterbed while getting frisky.

“Luckily no waterbeds were actually harmed in the process of filming,” Hall told Spy.

Esther Stephens as Ngaire Munroe and Will Hall as Mike McCarthy.

It’s a busy time offscreen for the stars, too.

Stephens managed to find time in her extraordinarily busy schedule to wed her long-term partner, musician Todd Beeby, and Prebble is travelling through South America before heading to Australia to film her new TV series, Sisters. Hall is juggling fatherhood of 1-year-old son Fred, mock-modelling for Jockey and filming a movie that is due out later this year.

This new season of Westside is set in 1982, when Sir Robert Muldoon was PM, the Falklands War broke out, and Dave Dobbyn’s DD Smash was music group of the year.