Westside producers launch search for young Cheryl

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 13 August 2016, 12:34PM

The search is on for New Zealand’s ultimate “Westie Girl”.

As fans prepare tonight to watch the finale of the second series of Westside — and scriptwriters turn their attention to creating series three of the hit TV3 show — Spy can reveal the next instalment will introduce viewers to Cheryl West.

Cheryl was the matriarch of the West family in Outrageous FortuneWestside is a spin-off, based two decades earlier.

Cheryl was brought to life in Outrageous Fortune by award-winning Kiwi actress Robyn Malcolm.

Filming on series three will start in October, and series creator and writer James Griffin said the entry of a young Cheryl would be one of the show’s key storylines.
“The thing with Westside is there are certain timelines and storylines that are predetermined, thanks to Outrageous Fortune.

“The story of young Wolf meeting young Cheryl is one of these things,” he said.

As casting begins, Spy has come up with its three-strong list of leading contenders to play a younger version of Cheryl.

Our trifecta of contenders includes Siobhan Marshall — who played Cheryl’s daughter Pascalle in Outrageous Fortune. Casting Antonia Prebble as Rita West in Westside (Prebble earlier played Rita’s granddaughter Loretta in the original series) has worked a treat and we’re sure Marshall could follow suit.

Kimberley Crossman may be concentrating on her career in the US, but we think she also has the acting skills to cut it as a young Cheryl.

Crossman has proven she is not afraid of a challenge and would play well against Aussie actor Reef Ireland, who stars as 18-year-old Wolf in series two of Westside.

“That role was made so iconic by Robyn Malcolm. A younger version of Cheryl would be free from any care or worry, andeven at that age I wouldn’t want to get on the dark side of her,” said Crossman. “I see her as tough as nuts with an outrageous sense of humour — it would be very fun to play her (hint hint).” 

Former Go Girls actress Anna Hutchison is another making it in the US who would bring the glamour and acting spark required to play a young Cheryl.

“It will be awesome to see what James creates for those earlier moments that formed Cheryl into the ballsy woman New Zealand tuned into every week. I’m intrigued to see her early relationship with Wolf, how she handled being a young mum, how she became so street-smart and strong and see the moment she reached for her first piece of leopard and leather,” Hutchison said.