Watch: PM's cheeky Kiwi response to Ed Sheeran request

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Publish Date
Thursday, 30 November 2017, 4:19AM

It's a pretty common fact that Ed Sheeran loves New Zealand.

So much so, Ed recently hinted in a ZM video that he hasn't given up on his dreams of being a citizen.

And now Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has responded - again via a ZM video - with some very important and burning questions.

Jacinda opens the video by introducing herself, and then quickly moves on to the real concern - can Ed really be a Kiwi?

"I understand you've put through a very informal request for citizenship," she said.

"Before we're able to think about that a little bit more, I've got some really important questions for you.

"The first: Do you like pineapple lumps? Do you even know what they are?

"Two: are you willing to wear jandals in semi-inappropriate situations ... do you know what jandals are?

"And third, most important question of all: are you willing to make New Zealand your home? Let me know."

The singer-songwriter has frequently declared his love for our small country, even recently divulging that his favourite city in the world is Wellington, saying "I think Wellington's just so wonderfully beautiful."

Sheeran told ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan earlier this year that he has set the wheels in motion for a New Zealand citizenship.

"I did ask for citizenship and I think we got an email from someone involved with that. So maybe that's going to happen. I could be a citizen," Ed said to Megan.

But it appears that he hasn't had much progress since then, as he has made the fresh plea for citizenship in the latest exclusive video for ZM.