Vaughan's 'serious news' fools co-hosts

Spy News,
Publish Date
Thursday, 8 March 2018, 10:19AM

Vaughan Smith had had the entire ZM team on the edge of their seats over a recent announcement.

The host, part of ZM's morning team with Carl Fletcher and Megan Sellers, went on air suggesting he had some "serious news" to tell them about his family.

"It's happy news for the Smith household. I haven't told my parents yet, so no one's allowed to tell them," Smith told the ZM crew.

"The Smith family is a secure little unit, it's a four-piece, it's a quad-something at the moment. August is going to be four soon, she's an independent creature, she's moving around on her own," said Smith.

"The thought has been there for quite a while between Sharde and I that there's room for more."

Smith's statement led to gasps from his ZM co-hosts, who thought Smith was about to announce he and his wife Sharde were expecting another baby.

Producer Caitlin, who often babysits Smith's two children, squealed: "What are you about to say?"

After a pause, Smith revealed his news: "You've probably guessed, I bought a drone, after all these years, I'm becoming a drone daddy."

Smith has been obsessed with drones for a long time and often talks about them on air.

As his co-hosts laughed, Smith asked: "Where's the champagne and confetti?"