Too old to get down? Brodie Kane tackles ageism

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Thursday, 6 September 2018, 7:38AM
Brodie Kane. Photo / Instagram
Brodie Kane. Photo / Instagram

If you know Brodie Kane, you’ll know she’s always the life of the party. Which is why she’s heading to Rhythm and vines for New Years – for her tenth year in a row. 

But The Hits host is facing some backlash this year with some people saying the 32-year-old  is too old to get to down at the notorious music festival.

Kane raised the interesting issue on the latest episode of her podcast Girls On Top with Caitlin Marett and Gracie Taylor.

“I was talking to some people at the gym saying I was going to R&V and they go ‘oh isn’t that for like 18, 19 year olds? Isn’t that like for young people?’ and I went, ‘actually you will find that I am really passionate about music and I love festivals so I don’t care what you think about the fact that 18 year olds go. I’m going to go and show those 18-year-olds how it’s done and full stop.

“So it got me thinking, aren’t we funny about age here in New Zealand in terms of where we define where people should be in their lives, by age?

“I am at the age where I am 32 and I give zero eff’s about age. It doesn’t define me, it doesn’t make me who I am. Because I haven’t got a boyfriend or I haven’t got a kid doesn’t mean I have failed. I am really lucky that I am a home owner but if I didn’t, so what?

“I just think as we try to start to tackle sexism, and this wonderful ‘Me Too’ movement… we need to start getting over breaking down the barriers of what we define as an age of what you ‘have done’ and what you ‘should have done.’ I just think we get a bit too caught up in that,” she continued.

“That is why we have all these issues now! We think we have to be this person we are not, based on age,” added Caitlin. 

Brodie’s final message for listeners is simple: “I just want to tell people not to care about your age and what people think about your age.”

As Gracie says: “We are lucky to get old! It’s a privilege. I can’t wait to get really old!”

Listen to Girls On Top’s latest podcast where Brodie, Caitlin and Gracie talk about The Honey Badger from The Bachelor Australia and also why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people.