Toni Street's tips to nail 2019

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Thursday, 24 January 2019, 9:41AM

It turns out you really are what you think!

The Hits host Toni Street revealed some of the most toxic things we need to stop THINKING so allow us to be truly happy and less stressed in 2019.

Often we feed ourselves negativity, but changing the way we think can really help us grow.


Take a look at the list below:




1. "I'll do it later." 2. Any type of catastrophic thinking (eg. 'I failed a work task. This means I'm a failure and my boss hates me and I'll be fired. Which means I have no money. Which means I'll end up homeless.') 3. "I'm inadequate" 4. "Self-care is selfish" 5. "Their life is so much better than mine" 6. "I'll be happy when …" 7. "I shouldn't feel this way" 8. "This kind of thing always happens to me" 9. "I wish I looked more like him or her" 10. "I should have" 11. "I'm such an idiot" 12. "I'll try" 13. "If it's not perfect, it's not worth doing" 14. "I don't know how."

This article was first published on The Hits.