Toni Street's on-air freak out

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018, 12:26PM

Toni Street is about to have a third child, and she suddenly seems to be having second thoughts.

The Hits presenter is expecting a baby boy soon via a surrogate, adding to her brood which already includes two adorable children, Juliette and Mackenzie.

But Street told her co-hosts Sarah Gandy and Sam Wallace she'd had a recent epiphany about what she was in for.

"I want to talk about this third baby I'm having. We're having it by surrogacy. It took us two rounds of IVF to get here, it is a very much wanted little baby boy," she said on air this morning.

"But anyone who is about to have a third child knows, it is a terrifying prospect ... having kids is hard, you think to yourself, 'Can you cope with a third?'"

"It has just dawned on me, the enormity of having the three of them ... am I about to be hit by Cyclone Hola?"

Street went on to stress about the amount of gear three children needed during weekends away, including "the nappy bag and their suitcase and the stroller".

"You've gotta pack them all up, pack them all down, it's an exhausting process ... our car feels like it's wedged with two car seats, suddenly we've got this overflowing car."

After taking some calls from listeners with three children, The Hits host Flynny - who has four children - called it with some words of warning.

"On Boxing Day, my wife started vomiting, then the first started, the second started, I was holding up the baby going, 'Look, isn't she cute?' I opened my mouth, she vomited into my mouth."

Flynny also said his entire family was woken up early this morning.

"Last night, my daughter woke up about 2am. She was scared so she started screaming. That woke up our three-year-old which woke up our 10-year-old, which woke up our 12-year-old. We were all awake at two o'clock this morning," he laughed.

"You are absolutely screwed."