Toni Street's bizarre Tinder story

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018, 7:47AM

It turns out The Hits host Toni Street is on the dating app Tinder … but it’s not what you think!

A very happily married Toni was mortified to discover that her photo was being used on someone’s profile.

"Someone's using my image to, ah, date people," Toni revealed on air this week.

What’s more is Toni’s husband Matt – who alerted Toni to the awkward situation – is also in the photo.

As it turns out, the profile's owner is a magician that had his photo taken with the couple and he has it featured on the dating app.

"So I have a Tinder profile now … with a magician … and now for some reason, he's decided that’s a good idea for a Tinder profile pic," Toni continued.

"Now, does that mean that when people swipe left and right we come as a trio?"

Hopefully not, Toni!

Watch the full hilarious chat above! 

This article was first published on The Hits.