Toni Street's baby dreams dashed

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Monday, 3 October 2016, 11:17AM

Toni Street has had her baby dreams dashed due to her illness.

The Seven Sharp presenter was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease Churg-Strauss syndrome last March, and while she's making a recovery - her final steroid treatment is in April - it's hampered her life plans.

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She revealed to Woman's Day that she and her husband Matt would be having a baby next year, but she now has to wait until she can wean her body off her immuno-suppressant drugs - which could take a year.

"It's been a bit of a shock to be told that's not a possibility," she told the magazine.

But she's made her peace with the idea, saying she's only 33 years old and "I still have a little bit of time on my side".

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Setbacks like this have provided a learning curve for Street, who also planned on doing a marathon until her doctor laughed in her face - "I realised then that perhaps I do need to remember to slow down a bit and look after myself," she said.

"Right after I was diagnosed, I thought, 'I just don't care about the small stuff anymore - I'm going to do whatever I like and whatever makes me happy'. But to be honest, it's not realistic to live like that.

"Suddenly you find you've gone back to your everyday life and you realise that the small things do matter. I'm still looking after two little children and going to the park, getting coffees, going to work each day. But that's what makes up my life and makes it rich. I am happy and so thankful for that."