Toni Street’s daughters puzzled by illness

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018, 1:50PM

Toni Street’s recent illness has had one unfortunate side effect – on her daughters.

The Hits hosts has been in and out of hospital for the past five weeks with acute liver failure, which caused her to spend much of her time shuffling between her couch at home to a doctor’s ward.

The skin condition Street suffered left her skin with jaundice and her eyes yellow after liver failure caused by a severe reaction to antibiotics.

Street opened up on air today saying it left her gorgeous two daughters, Juliette and Mackenzie, puzzled about why their mummy wasn’t at work and why she had yellow skin.

She admits she made it out of the house once to attend a school rugby game with her family.

“Little MacKenzie, who is three, looked up at me and asked, ‘Are you coming with us, mama?’” Street told listeners.

“She then looked me up and down and then said, ‘No one will see your yellow skin in that big jacket’.”

Juliette also questioned her four weeks into her illness, asking her: “You don’t get out much these days do you?”

Yesterday Toni – who is expecting a third child via surrogate in August – returned to work after five weeks off air.

She revealed she was “feeling really, really good” and was ecstatic to be back at work after having more than a month off with fatigue, nausea and itching.

Stay strong Toni!

This story has been published here with permission from The Hits.