The song so sexy it shocked ZM hosts

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Publish Date
Monday, 20 August 2018, 9:00AM

ZM’s Megan Papas’ husband Andrew Papas (a.k.a Mr. Toyboy) happens to be a Kiwi pop star and dropped a new single last week.

Magical, is a sensual tune with some very ‘sexy’ and R-rated lyrics.

Megan’s co-hosts Fletch and Vaughan, decided to play it out on air live for the first time to dissect the exact meaning of the new song.

“We arrive at the same time, in the same town… I will stop you there, you mean O-town! Wink!” says Vaughan.

Listen to the hilarious video above to figure out the meaning of the new song and to see Megan blush profusely.

Listen to Andrew Papas’ new song, Magical here.