The Real Housewives - what happened after the show

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016, 11:39PM
Gilda Kirkpatrick. Photo / Instagram.
Gilda Kirkpatrick. Photo / Instagram.

A housewives reunion show was not planned, so Bravo TV arranged for a Facebook live feed to air after the final show. Held at Gilda Kirkpatrick's house, the housewives were interviewed in the pool house at her Paritai Drive residence.

Here's what we learned from the interviews.

Michelle Blanchard

1. Is definitely NOT a gold-digger.

2. Had quite possibly the worst birthday ever.

3. No regrets about doing the show.

4. Never got on with Angela (no surprises there).

5. Wanted the show to end with a kumbaya moment with everyone getting on.

Angela Stone

1. Wasn't nervous at being at Kirkpatrick's home.

2. Admitted that the show had been a rollercoaster ride, esp during filming.

3. Still reeling from the 'plus size' comment.

4. Actually does love Gilda, despite them never actually getting along.

5. Really does drink chardonnay.

Julia Sloane

1. Yes, Angela is her favourite housewife.

2. Is happy to be called a snitch.

3. Regrets buying the candelabras.

4. Thinks they were probably thrown away after the show.

5. Has no idea whether the vampire facials actually work.


Anne Batley Burton

1. Talked about champagne and pussies (of course she did).

2. Will NEVER wear Crocs.

3. Hasn’t read either book.

4. Was the only one not to fall out with anyone.

5. Will forever be known for Wang Dangle Doodle.

Gilda Kirkpatrick

1. Says what other people think.

2. Didn't invite Angela and Julia to the party, Bravo did - for the purposes of the interviews. 

3. Is even more fabulous when speaking her native tongue.

4. Is open to doing her own show.

5. Does not need a PA.

Louise Wallace was unavailable as she was performing in her play. But an interview was posted on the Bravo Facebook page.

During the live feed, Gilda produced her own one on her Facebook page. During the Bravo feed, fans switched over to Gilda's until she was interviewed at the end. Thus proving her popularity as the favourite housewife.