The one thing Matilda does that annoys Art

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 11:57AM

 The newly engaged Bachelor NZ couple have just come back from their beautiful Rarotogan engagement and stopped by The Hits studio to have a chat.

Stace and Flynny managed to get them to spill a few secrets on how they keep their relationship sweet.

Stacy asked the pair how they manage their schedules to find time for one another.

“I feel like logistics is seriously our middle name these days”, said Matilda.

Art, then added:  “To be honest, before we came in here we were sitting in the car looking at our calendars and planning the next two to three months.”

“I don’t know where I would be without (his) organisational skills!” said Matilda.

A few telling secrets were also exposed during the interview including Art’s bad food habit – milk chocolate - and the most annoying thing Matilda does, according to Art.

“I think, hmmm, it’s actually when you wear too much makeup.”

“Yep, he’s not a fan of makeup” said Rice.

“I just thinks she looks way better without makeup.”

Aw, cuuuuute!