The Kiwi stars we know by one name

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018, 9:25PM
Naz. Photo / Instagram
Naz. Photo / Instagram

You know you've made it when people know you by just the one name.

Overseas, all the truly A-list celebrities go by a single moniker. Oprah. Madonna. Cher. Beyonce. Rihanna. Adele.

So, who are the stars closer to home that are recognised by just one name?


Her full name might be Nazanin Khanjani, but this reality TV star will forever be known to the New Zealand public as Naz.

She was called "Nasty Naz" for a long while, too, following her underhand tactics during a starring role on the second season of The Bachelor NZ - but we think her recent efforts on Dancing With The Stars may have finally buried that nickname for good. 



Our Rach

Sure, if you want to split hairs, "Our Rach" is technically two words, but we all know there's only one Rachel we're referring to: home-grown supermodel Rachel Hunter.

Ever since that famous Tip Top Trumpet ad that launched her career when she was still a teenager, we've all adored Our Rach – and likely always will.



The musicians

Musicians everywhere like to go by just the one name and Kiwi singer-songwriters are no different.

We have the singers who simply go by their first name, such as Kimbra or Aaradhna.

And then we have all the artists who perform under a one-word stage name, including Lorde (Ella Yelich-O'Connor), Ladyhawke (Pip Brown), Kings (Kingdon Chapple-Wilson), Theia (Em-Haley Walker) and Teeks (Te Karehana Gardiner-Toi).


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The politicians

There aren't many politicians in New Zealand who are recognised by just the one name.

However, if you were to utter the name "Jacinda" (or the commonly misspelled "Jacinta"), Kiwis would generally all have the same person in mind.

Not so for Simon, David, James or Marama. But say the name "Winston" and we probably know which Winston you're talking about, too.


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Celebrity chef and entrepreneur Nadia Lim may not strictly be known to Kiwis as simply "Nadia" (yet anyway), but she's still deemed recognisable enough to have a lifestyle magazine bear just her first name as its title.

And how many Kiwi stars can lay claim to something like that?


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Original Bachelor NZ star Matilda Rice can't claim to have one-name recognition with "Matilda" – but she definitely has bragging rights when it comes to "Matootles", the nickname that also doubles as the handle for her extremely popular Instagram page.

And with her famously bright and breezy outlook on life, we can't think of a better nickname for Rice to be widely known by than Matootles!


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