The dangers facing Kiwis on Survivor NZ

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016, 7:50AM

Filming has started on the first series of Survivor NZ, with host Matt Chisholm posting a series of photos on social media. 

Kiwis who signed up for a Pacific Island version may have got more than they bargained for, faced with a host of poisonous creepy crawlies.

It's understood the series is being filmed in Nicaragua, Central America.

So far Chisholm has met a pet tarantula:

“I'd like to introduce you all to Terry... Terry my new pet tarantula... I found today.” Chisholm posted to Twitter last week. 

He also met a scorpion in the shower:

“This dude tried to shower with me today.... but... there wasn't enough hot water for the both of us.” The Survivor NZ host added this week.


Nicaragua was the scene for both the 21st and 22nd CBS series of the US show in 2010 and 2011. Scenes were filmed near San Juan del Sur in Rivas Department on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.

TVNZ would not confirm the Survivor NZ filming location. 

If the programme was filmed in NZ, the biggest danger for our brave Kiwi players would be a charging wild pig in the bush. So we did some research on the Nicaraguan wildlife.

According to travel guide, there are quite a few creatures that bite and sting in Nicaragua, including venomous spiders, scorpions and even the occasional rabid dog!

During our research, we found that it wasn’t the wildlife that took out previous competitors on Survivor. The most common reasons were: chipped teeth, broken toes and ankles, infected scratches and injuries which usually occurred during an Immunity Challenge.

The worst recorded injury was a contestant being knocked out by the smoke from the fire causing him to fall into the fire, getting serious burns.

In one example of a past Nicaraguan Survivor challenge, three members from each tribe were strapped to a large wheel. Three other tribe members spun the wheel, which caused the one strapped to be dunked, head first, into water. While underwater, they took water in the mouth, which they then spat into a tube. Once the tube was filled, a ball would be released. The ball was be used by two other tribe members to break five tiles. The first tribe to break all five tiles would win.

After seeing this challenge, we think we would prefer waking up beside Terry the pet tarantula any day!