Survivor contestant got Botox for the show

Survivor New Zealand season two contestant Adam O'Brien has revealed he got Botox for the show in order to conceal his "expressive" forehead.

28-year-old O'Brien, who had already received 14 units of Botox, this time received 36.

"I got 36 just to intensify the relaxed feel. I don't think anyone will ever expect that, they'll never pick up on it," he says.

O'Brien says he didn't want the other contestants reading his face easily. "I do have quite an expressive forehead," he says.

"You know if you're not impressed with something, you have an eyebrow raised, or you look at it with a real sassy look, which is what I can do. So I'm just gonna hide that from everyone."

Survivor New Zealand season two premieres 7pm, Sunday April 22 on TVNZ2.