Surprise! How the Kiwi stars revealed their baby’s gender

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Friday, 8 February 2019, 7:48AM
Millen Baird and Siobhan Marshall. Photo / Instagram
Millen Baird and Siobhan Marshall. Photo / Instagram

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past few years, you’ve probably noticed baby gender reveals have become a big deal.

It’s an event that now ranges from cutting into a blue- or pink-centred cake (or lasagne – yes, really) to more elegant affairs, such as partaking in burnouts with pink or blue smoke.

So how have some of New Zealand’s famous parents-to-be revealed the gender of their own baby?

Anika Moa and Natasha Utting: The magazine cover

Singer and TV presenter Anika Moa is just weeks away from giving birth – and this week, she used the cover of a magazine to announce to the world that baby is a kōtiro (girl)!

The singer, whose most recent album of baby songs included a wee ditty titled If I Had a Little Girl, is already a mother to three boys – Soren, her first child with wife Natasha Utting, and twins Taane and Barry from a previous relationship.

Moa and Utting posed for Woman’s Day this week to share their happy news, with Utting telling her Instagram followers they were “too excited to keep it to ourselves!”

Moa added: “We managed to strike it lucky amongst all the boy germs to get our wish of a lil beautiful part Māori part English part ginger kōtiro.

“Beyond happy and grateful to our donor (you know who you are, or do you?) And my blessed eggs and amazing body for making this happen.” 

Benji and Zoe Marshall: A balloon pop

After a lengthy battle to fall pregnant, Kiwi league star Benji Marshall and his broadcaster wife Zoe learned in 2017 that their much longed-for baby was on the way.

The couple then organised a gathering to find out their baby’s gender, using a balloon full of confetti for the big reveal.

Benji had to take a couple of attempts with a giant pin to pop the balloon and release its contents, but the couple looked beyond happy – and surprised – to finally see the confetti was blue.

“I have never been so shocked,” Zoe told her 42,000 Instagram followers of that moment. “I totally thought mini Marshall was a girl.”

Laura McGoldrick and Martin Guptill: Hit for six

When the time came for Black Cap Martin Guptill and his broadcaster wife Laura McGoldrick to reveal the gender of their first baby, the couple decided to put Guptill’s cricket skills to good use.

In a video shared online, Guptill used his bat to smash a special ball that exploded in a cloud of pink.

“Baby Guppy is a girl,” Guptill said, as a cat fled from the exploding ball in the background. 

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Baby Guppy is a....👶🏼🙈 @martyguptill31

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Sean Wainui and Paige Fox: An engagement bonus

Chiefs rugby player Sean Wainui and his partner Paige Fox got friends and family together late last year to find out the gender of the baby they’re expecting in May.

The couple stood beneath a box and pulled a string to reveal a cascade of blue streamers and confetti.

And while Fox celebrated the impending arrival of a baby boy, she almost missed Wainui on bended knee asking her to marry him.


Siobhan Marshall and Millen Baird: Say it with a shirt

Actors Siobhan Marshall and Millen Baird settled for not one, but two gender reveal parties while expecting their first baby.

They first surprised their family in Taranaki with the standard gender reveal cake.

As Baird wrote on the couple’s blog about the big day: “What better way to celebrate than with a moist cake? Let’s cut the bugger open and have the family freak out when they see either pink or blue pebbles flowing from its madeira centre.

“Everyone was beyond ecstatic to see pink pebbles limply fall out of ours.”

The couple later had another gender reveal party on Waiheke Island for their Auckland-based friends and family.

Baird wore a blue shirt, while Marshall wore a pink shirt for the occasion. And both shirts said, “It’s a girl!” 

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It's a girl x

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