Stan reveals girlfriend battled pneumonia for him

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018, 10:07AM
Stan Walker with his "darling" Alex King. Photo / Instagram.
Stan Walker with his "darling" Alex King. Photo / Instagram.

We all know about Stan Walker's health struggles, but he's revealed his gorgeous girlfriend is just as much of a battler as he is. 

Taking to Instagram, Stan praised his partner Alex King for going above and beyond for him at the Music Awards last week. 

He wrote: "My darling had pneumonia but still came out to tautoko me."

"I told her not to so she could get better, but she still came the stubborn thing lol... It was the highlight of my night." 

The post was accompanied by stunning photos of the pair, in which Stan wore his great great grandmother Ngapera’s 150 year old korowai.

"All in all, I am blessed and will forever have this moment to cherish," Stan said.

Too cute!