Sonny Bill’s kids don’t care about the All Blacks

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Friday, 25 May 2018, 11:42AM
Sonny Bill Williams. Photo / Supplied
Sonny Bill Williams. Photo / Supplied

Any professional athlete wants to be recognised at the top of their game and to make their fans and families proud, especially if become an All Black.

But that didn’t quite happen for Sonny Bill Williams.

In a hilarious tweet, the rugby star films his daughters’ reaction to the news he made the squad for the 2018 Steinlager series.

They’re not quite as excited as he expected them to be.

“Did you know Daddy made the All Blacks?” he asks, as his girls refuse to turn away from cartoons on the TV.

He then turns the camera on himself and declares: “Grateful and excited at the opportunity to put on the All Black jersey once again ... feeling the love from my girls too.

We feel ya Sonny Bill! Good job at nailing dad life.