Simon Gault set to open new Viaduct restaurant

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Sunday, 14 May 2017, 6:45AM
Simon Gault. Photo / Supplied
Simon Gault. Photo / Supplied

Two years after walking away as executive chef from the famed Nourish Group and his famous restaurant Euro on Prince’s Wharf, New Zealand’s original MasterChef Simon Gault is set to open his own restaurant around the corner at the Viaduct.

Renovations are well under way at Mecca Restaurant, which sits adjacent to Soul Bar and Bistro.

“You have jumped the gun on my coming announcement, we are creating a new bistro and bar where Mecca and the bar next door formerly were,” Gault told Spy.

“I am not releasing the name and menu as yet, but after two years of travelling the globe, diners can expect some of the latest food trends mixed with my classic dishes.

“I am really excited about what I am launching in June,” said Gault, who returned home last week from a trip to China.

Other countries to inspire the chef over the past year include Singapore, Malaysia, the UK and numerous cities in the United States, where we are sure the man, once famous for the Jervois Steak House, has found even better ways to explore cuts of meat.

It’s full circle back to the Viaduct marina for Gault, 52, whose star began to rise as the personal chef to co-founder and former CEO of Oracle, billionaire Larry Ellison, on his private yacht.

The still in-demand celebrity chef has been busy with his line of food products, speaking tours, and most importantly being dad to his gorgeous 3-year-old daughter Hazel.

We can’t wait to see his new restaurant.