Simon Bridges admits he underestimated 'the power' of Radio Hauraki

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Friday, 6 July 2018, 1:54PM

Simon Bridges was keen to stick to safer topics like “pies” as he made his return to Radio Hauraki today.

The National Party leader found himself in hot water two weeks ago when Hauraki Breakfast hosts Jeremy Wells and Matt Heath asked him if he “hated” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s new baby Neve.

“Look, I don’t think it’s going to do a lot to help my poll ratings, let’s put it that way, but you know I don’t hate it,” he said.

Bridges was then asked if the baby should be considered gender fluid at this point.

“She should be going to school like in boy’s clothes right?” asked Bridges.

The comments sparked outrage around the country but Bridges defended it as being nothing more than “an incredibly lighthearted interview”.

Surprisingly Bridges returned to the show today where the hosts stirred the pot by asking if still hated the baby.

“Come on guys, you got me in a lot of trouble last time, let’s not go there, let’s move onto safer territory, pies or something,” Bridges replied.

Despite the drama the hosts got him into Bridges insists he doesn’t hate them.

“I don’t hate you guys, I’m just getting to know you. We got off to a rocky start in our relationship but it’s ok”

Sneaking in a small dig of his own in return Bridges said he had clearly “underestimated the power, the reach and the influence of Radio Hauraki”.