Shortland Street goes global... again

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 3 March 2018, 5:42PM
The Joel McHale show on Netflix.
The Joel McHale show on Netflix.

First Hollywood heavyweight Alec Baldwin delivered Chris Warner’s now famous “Please tell me that’s not your penis” line on talkshow Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Now new US Netflix series The Joel McHale Show, which features segments of pop culture from TV shows around the world, has picked up on a scene from Shortland Street. 

Ezra (Dylan Poihipi) is found talking to his friend Cinnamon, a prostitute, much to the shock of TK played by Ben Mitchell.

“New Zealanders are also masters of drama, look no further than their popular soap Shortland Street” McHale says, cue Shorty scene where Ezra’s uncle knocks on his door and enters his room, where his nephew introduces him to his prostitute Cinnamon. With a bad Australian accent McHale says in response: “Eh, now can you get out of here I am just in here with my fully clothed lackadaisical prostitute staring at me with my shirt off, that’s what sex is right?”

A source close to production has no idea how the US-made show found the Kiwi soap’s clip, perhaps as Shortland Street is screened on Starz in Australia, there may be content scouts there.

It is understood permission was not sought by Jimmy Kimmel Live or The Joel McHale Show for use of the South Pacific Pictures’ footage.

But who’s complaining when the world gets to look at the quirks of our national soap?