'She didn't want to marry him'

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Monday, 1 August 2016, 12:26PM

A man claiming to be the brother of Gloriavale resident Dove Love has spoken out against the "cult" community saying his sister did not want to marry but its leaders made her.

The wedding of Dove Love to fellow community member Watchful Steadfast was the focus of the latest instalment in the popular Gloriavale documentary series.

ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan were discussing the show when a listener called Jeremy rang the station saying he was Dove Love's brother.

Dove Love's brother has tried to contact her but keeps getting turned away by Gloriavale. Photo / Supplied

Jeremy said he left the Gloriavale community about four months ago and was now living, working and attending church in Timaru.

He confirmed that he attended the wedding but did not feature on the show as "they don't show anyone who's against Gloriavale".

Speaking to ZM, Jeremy said he had actually asked to stay in the community, but was shown the door when he began to spread the truth.

"I was asking them if I could stay there because I'm married with a baby and they ended up saying 'no you cant'," he recalled.

"I said, 'I'm not going', and they were like, 'well, we're not going to feed you. You're not going to have a place to stay. You're not going to have any work. How are you going to live here?'"

When he still refused to leave, he was called "a trespasser" despite having lived in Gloriavale his entire life.

"I was just saying that [the] things they were saying in there to people were lies. And that's obviously why they try to stop you from having contact with the outside world. Because you find out the truth about a lot of things and then you take that back and start spreading that around and people start leaving."

Dove Love and her father Selwyn remain in the Gloriavale community. Photo / Supplied

Jeremy told ZM he was upset that his sister had married Watchful Steadfast and that she was still living in Gloriavale. He also claimed that his attempts to contact Dove Love had been thwarted by the community.

"Girls are taught to submit," he said. "I know that she didn't want to marry him. They're just told that it's God's will. Basically, anything the leaders say is God's will and they've got to do that or they're going to hell."

Jeremy also said the only reason he would return to the "cult" would be to see his family and to spread the truth.

"Your whole life you're told in there that the world is a big, bad, evil place. A lot of it is fear," Jeremy said.

"You're told so many times. And the longer you're out here the more you see just how many lies you were told."