Shaun Johnson’s terrible birthday present to Kayla Cullen

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018, 12:11PM

Silver Ferns superstar Kayla Cullen celebrated her 26th birthday this week and was treated to an interesting gift from boyfriend Shaun Johnson.

The league star gave the gorgeous netballer… a VACUUM CLEANER!

Safe to say, she was not impressed. Shaun, on the other hand seems to think it was highly entertaining.

In an Instagram story you can hear her saying “I did say I wanted a vacuum but like not for my birthday.”

Meanwhile you can hear him saying: “babe, are you grateful for the present I got you?”

After the awkward vacuum cleaner encounter, Shaun eventually gave Kayla her proper birthday present, which was an expensive Lumix camera she has always wanted.

“My dream camera” she captioned it.

Happy Birthday Kayla! Let’s hope you can think up a cheeky present for Shaun next time.