Scooter crash: Tim Wilson’s knee cap in ‘eight pieces’

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Friday, 8 February 2019, 11:00AM
Tim Wilson underwent knee surgery after falling off a scooter. Photo / Supplied
Tim Wilson underwent knee surgery after falling off a scooter. Photo / Supplied

Radio host Tim Wilson has revealed more details about the scooter accident that shattered his knee.

Wilson, who remains in hospital after undergoing surgery yesterday, told Newstalk ZB host Mike Hosking he took a tumble from a scooter while taking a leisurely ride through Onehunga on Waitangi Day.

The accident broke his kneecap into eight pieces, but Wilson, a reporter on Seven Sharp, told Hosking he wasn't in any pain to start with.

“I think I was in shock," he said. "I ripped (my pants) open and I looked and it was like my knee was made of Plasticine and it was like someone had pushed a Holiday pack of menthol 25s into it.”

Wilson said he didn't cry, but he "did say a few words I am not proud of".

After the accident, Wilson called his wife to come and help him. She arrived with his two sons.

"The boys were still in their gruts and hopped out of the car and said, ‘Oh, daddy, you have fallen off your scooter.’”

Wilson said he had learned his lesson and wasn't planning on getting back onto a scooter in a hurry.

“The photo I posted (on Instagram) looks like the thing had snapped in half, but actually it’s in eight pieces and usually when I hear the phrase ‘eight pieces’ I think KFC and I am into it … but not my kneecap.”

Wilson said he blamed "broken concrete footpaths in Onehunga" for his accident, and cheekily threatened a lawsuit.

"It’s a scandal, it’s a health hazard and I am the martyr for this cause," he joked.