Sam Wallace wants to make 'pregnant partner walk to hospital in labour'

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Thursday, 13 December 2018, 7:42AM

The Hits host Sam Wallace will become a father for the first time and has planned an interesting method of transport to get his partner to the hospital.

Sam’s lovely partner Sarah Bowman is due just before Christmas and he told his morning hosts Laura McGoldrick and Toni Street about the technique and they were absolutely shocked.

After figuring out the hospital is just under one kilometre away from their house, Sam pitched that it would be a brilliant idea to make Sarah walk to the hospital as she goes into labour.

That’s right … WALK!

And his reasoning behind it had nothing to do with helping the birth of their first baby boy along … No, it’s so he doesn’t have to pay for the expensive parking at the hospital, or risk getting their new car scratched.

"You are going to make her walk 900m to save $35 (for parking)...are you joking!?" says Laura.

Oh, Sam …

Laura and Toni understandably thought his plan was absolutely ridiculous, as did many Hits callers.
Although, one caller suggested that they could maybe get there on Lime scooters!

Hmmm, we'll see how that one goes ...

Watch the full hilarious chat above!

This article was first published on The Hits.