Sam Smith shares the love with Kiwi radio station

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Tuesday, 15 January 2019, 7:42AM
Sam Smith blowing kisses. Photo / Twitter
Sam Smith blowing kisses. Photo / Twitter

It’s no secret that British star Sam Smith is obsessed with our wee country and has spent a large amount of time Downunder enjoying our fine wine and stunning vistas.

The singer has now taken to social media to share his love for Kiwi radio station, ZM.

Last night ZM host Cam Mansel tweeted he was going to play Sam’s new song Dancing with a Stranger for the first time.

“Let me know when you’re listening to @ZMOnline @samsmith Ill play Dancing with a Stranger on repeat just for you!”

Sam Smith replied saying, “LISTENING NOW! 91 yeah?!”

“You got it! Enjoy! Thanks for creating such amazing music!” replied Cam.

Sam then Tweeted and epic selfie of himself blowing a kiss to his Kiwi fans saying: “YOUVE MADE MY HOLIDAY! XX THANK YOU SO MUCH CAM.”

How epic is that?! We love you Sam!