Sam Hayes' 'crazy, terrifying' long weekend

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Monday, 22 October 2018, 10:06AM
Sam Hayes crushed the long weekend. Photo / Instagram
Sam Hayes crushed the long weekend. Photo / Instagram

While many of us saw the long weekend as a good opportunity for a sleep in and some Netflix bingeing, Sam Hayes decided to get high - very high. 

The Newshub presenter climbed her way to the summit of Mt Taranaki and posted a victorious snap of herself looking badass and celebrating her achievement. 

She wrote on Instagram: "My toes started tingling up here, which is what happens when I’m up high.

"Today was a lesson in keeping my head down, putting one foot in front of the other and not being overwhelmed by the (at times terrifying) bigger picture.

"This mountain, its volcanic crater and ice formations are so beautiful. I never thought I’d be standing here but this is what happens when you start saying yes to seemingly crazy ideas." 

She said it was a tough day that got "pretty scary" at times, but said it was also "beautiful" and "I'm so proud of everyone for getting to the top."

Sam climbed the mountain with instructor Dave Williams, who she says has summited four of the seven highest peaks on each continent from the sea.

Good on you, Sam!