Real Housewife debuts new talk show

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 10 March 2018, 3:23PM
Anne Batley Burton and Jevan Goulter. Photo / Norrie Montgomery
Anne Batley Burton and Jevan Goulter. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

Cats have long been social media stars — now our furry friends will be championed in the first episode of Keeping up with the Champagne Lady starring Auckland Real Housewife and long-time cat lover Anne Batley Burton.

Her new lifestyle chat show debuts on Face TV (SKY channel 83) on Tuesday at 8pm.

The 30-minute show is two-thirds Batley Burton socialising and one-third panel discussion. And this week’s hot topic is the plight of our moggies, council policy and micro-chipping, subjects well known to the famous ‘Cat Crusading Lady’s’ heart.

On the panel will be stuntman and Paw Justice co-founder Craig Dunn and Jevan Goulter, former executive assistant for MP Hone Harawira. Goulter, who will be a regular panellist on the show, has made headlines as a gay man defending good friends Bishop Brian Tamaki and wife Hannah. Batley Burton says Goulter is a great guy and the pair are working closely together. They met through mutual friend Michelle Boag. “I am really excited about the show,” she tells Spy. 

“I am lucky that I made a good friend in Gerard Smith, who hosted the long-running TV show, The Beat Goes On, who had me on to do social scene segments for the show last year. When Gerard sadly decided to call time on his show, he asked if I would like to host my own show and Keeping up with the Champagne Lady was born.

“Of course, I am starting my first show with ‘The plight of the pussies’. What could happen to your family pet and what councils are lining up to do to strays, needs to be told by me and then discussed with the panel.

“This week in my social segments I will be checking out The Hunting Lodge and over the series I will take you through various luxury lifestyles and insights into my life.”

Batley Burton will have a fitness guru on the show and let people into her secrets of staying healthy while drinking copious amounts of Champagne. For instance, she will take you through her liver detox.

“Week to week I will have a revolving panel and we may be starting with cats, but a few weeks ago I would have been talking about Trump and guns, whatever is topical and has people passionate about what’s going on in that week,” she adds.