Radio star’s daughter embarrasses him again

Spy News,
Publish Date
Monday, 23 April 2018, 9:25AM

ZM’s Vaughan Smith opened up about his youngest daughter’s latest obsession with YouTube families, in particular, ‘Bat Dad.’

In one episode Bat Dad’s children are singing a song about where babies come from. 

Smith’s daughter Augie found this particular song very catchy and decided to sing it publicly whilst shopping at the local supermarket.

“She looks at me and she’s like, do you want to hear a song?’” Vaughan tells his co-hosts Fletch and Megan.

“Where do babies come from? Vaginas!” Augie sings at the top of her lungs from the shopping trolley seat.

“I am shook” says Vaughan. “So immediately I am like ‘oh no don’t do that’…I was like ‘what did you say?”

Then Augie belts out another few verses of the cheeky song.

“There are no other words to the song. It’s a funny song… but maybe we should keep it for the car” he explained to her.

Watch the hilarious story unfold below!