Radio star’s big secret revealed

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017, 1:07PM
Megan reacting to Vaughan's secret.
Megan reacting to Vaughan's secret.

ZM’s Fletch, Vaughn and Megan spend a lot of time together, so you would think they would know each other pretty well, right? Well, apparently not.

Producer Caitlin has just uncovered a secret about Vaughan Smith – and it left is co-hosts reeling with shock.

“Last night I was babysitting your beautiful children and Indie actually said something quite concerning to me...”

“She asked what time does work start... And I said we get in at about 5 or 5.30am and she said ‘oh okay, because daddy gets up at 3am and goes to the gym.’”

Fletch then shouted: “Vaughan-hates-the-gym-Smith is going to the gym!?”

Megan was also baffled, asking how long this secret hobby had been going on.

“Since July,” replied Vaughan.

“It hasn’t been easy, I have wanted to tell you guys a lot about it… I have a favourite flavoured protein bar! I can’t believe I am saying it!”

Watch the whole confession unravel below: