Radio hosts storm out of Karl Urban interview

Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 14 April 2018, 12:03PM

Radio Hauraki's Leigh and Jase stormed out of an interview with Thor: Ragnarok star Karl Urban on Friday. 

The interview started well but then the boys got an email from the boss, telling them the company didn't have the money for a $33,000 giveaway they had planned.

As if they weren't mad enough, Urban made it worse by pointing out their workmates Jeremy Wells and Matt Heath, "Get to go overseas all the time - they're going to Hawaii, they're going to New Orleans, where are you guys going? Where's your international travel?" 

That really set Leigh and Jase off and after a massive rant, Jase stormed out leaving Leigh to try and smooth things over with the Kiwi star saying: "It's not your fault". 

And later, the final straw came for Leigh when Radiohead started playing: "What the hell is this? I hate this song!" he said, before walking out too, leaving Karl Urban alone at the desk.

Watch the full outburst above.