Radio host's powerful message on International Women's Day

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Friday, 8 March 2019, 12:53PM

ZM host Megan Papas shared a powerful message this morning, as the network celebrated International Women's Day with a special all-female breakfast show.

Megan was joined by fellow ZM hosts Bree Tomasel and Bel Crawford for the show, replacing the Fletch and Vaughan, while behind the scenes, the show was run by a team of female producers.

The trio were joined by a number of guests, including Hilary Barry and Jacinda Ardern, whilst also speaking openly about the "semi-uncomfortable" subject of sexism.

"It's about celebration, not segregation," said Megan repeatedly throughout the morning, before sharing some of the negative experiences she's been through during her broadcasting career.



"I have had many moments where I have felt less than, for merely being a woman and these are some of the legit comments that have been said to me both professionally and personally and sadly I still remember them today," she said.

"I've been told 'it was your fault he did that to you, you shouldn't have been there' - it wasn't. 'She slept with at least two people in that department and she has a boyfriend' – I hadn't. 'You should have told me you were in a serious relationship because I would have never have hired you' – I didn't. 'Show me the tag on your dress, there's no way you're a size 10' - I wouldn't. 'Do you need someone to hold your hand through everything at work?' - no, I don't. 'If you perform this sex act on me I will get you on the radio,' I didn't," she said, while struggling to keep her composure.

"These are some of the moments I feel I have been let down as a woman," said Megan.

"Those comments weren't all men. It's important to let women know, it doesn't matter what industry you are in, how old you are, what religion, what race you are, we all struggle with the same thing and we need to support each other."

Megan's co-hosts were quick to support her and a praise her honesty.