Radio host's 'mum-strength' moment that every parent can relate to

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Monday, 10 September 2018, 12:54PM

We’ve all heard the stories of mothers somehow being filled with enough strength to lift a car if it meant saving her baby.

Well, radio host Laura McGoldrick (who is filling in Toni Street on maternity leave) had a taste of 'mum-strength' this over the weekend when she instinctively put her body on the line to keep her 11-month-old daughter Harley from harm.

First, Laura almost drowned making sure Harley was held above the water after a rogue wave hit them.

Next, after slipping in a rockpool, Laura managed to twist her body in such a way that she got the full blow of the rocks while Harley didn’t get a scratch.

She may now have broken ribs, but Laura was blown away by her own 'mum-strength' - and so are we!

Watch Laura McGoldrick retell her epic 'mum-strength' moment above!

This article was first published on The Hits.