Radio host shuts down NZ airport with his underpants

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Friday, 1 December 2017, 9:59AM
Sam Wallace. Photo / Supplied
Sam Wallace. Photo / Supplied

We all know TV and radio personality Sam Wallace is a cheeky larrikin, but this time he might have taken it a step too far.

In a telling confession on The Hits this week, the former weatherman disclosed a funny yet embarrassing story that ended up having a few legal ramifications.

Whilst competing in the Metservice Bird Man competition during Queenstown’s Winter Festival he came into a spot of trouble.

“What I did was that I tied these balloons to my undies and I had a pair of shorts on underneath and I jumped off for the Bird Man competition, did a little dance and everything and lo-and-behold I didn’t actually go up into the sky I just literally hit the water.

“The next cool part of my trick here was that I took off my undies and the balloons floated away and everyone thinks I’m in the nuddy and everyone is cheering and my undies like skim the water.

“Then they just burst out of the water and started floating up towards the Southern Alps and the crowd erupts! My undies and all these balloons cross the Southern Alps!”

But Sam’s trick soon found him in a spot of trouble.

“Someone tracked me down from civil aviation VERY upset” continued Sam.

“It turns out if you are flying a balloon of a certain gas you actually need a proper license and you have to declare it because you need special valves that release at a certain height so that your undies don’t go into flight paths.”

“I blocked Christchurch Airport for an hour with my undies… my undies crossed the Alps!”

Watch his full confession below: